Server-side Development

I offer server configuration, maintenance and development services in a wide variety of languages for use online, throughout large, closed networks and in small intranets. State-of-the-art security and data integrity practices are put into use on all server-side projects to ensure your data is secure and you retain constant access.

Server configuration and deployment is done using Red Hat Enterprise Linux community derivatives including Fedora and CentOS.

Server application development includes code written using Python, PHP and several flavors of SQL as well as custom shell scripting, cron tasks and daemons.


All projects that close at 40 hours or less are billed at $25/hour. Anything above 40 hours is billed at $20/hour. Below are packages for the most commonly requested services that are sold as at a flat fee regardless of time-investment.

Package Cost
Standard LAMP stack deployment $400
Standard Service Installation $25