Client-side Development

I offer client-side interface and layout design, scripting, usage reporting and usability analysis using HTML/CSS, Javascript (jQuery and Prototype optional) and AS3 (Flash) for in-browser applications and sites. Modern design practices, 100% W3C valid code, search engine best-practices and future-proofing methods are applied throughout each project to ensure maximum browser compatibility and maintenance-free web frontends.

All work can be openly verified for compatibility using third-party tools and reports from verification resources are provided before the project close sign-off for every client-side project.

Design and functionality are guaranteed 100% compatible with all supported browsers, listed with project documentation, at the time of project start.


All projects that close at 40 hours or less are billed at $25/hour. Anything above 40 hours is billed at $20/hour. Below are packages for the most commonly requested service that are sold as at a flat fee regardless of time-investment.

Package Cost
Rebranding of template color/logo. $150
Non-dynamic form creation. $100
Flash-based image gallery. $100