Server-side Development

I offer server configuration, maintenance and development services in a wide variety of languages for use online, throughout large, closed networks and in small intranets. State-of-the-art security and data integrity practices are put into use on all server-side projects to ensure your data is secure and you retain constant access.

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Client-side Development

I offer client-side interface and layout design, scripting, usage reporting and usability analysis using HTML/CSS, Javascript (jQuery and Prototype optional) and AS3 (Flash) for in-browser applications and sites. Modern design practices, 100% W3C valid code, search engine best-practices and future-proofing methods are applied throughout each project to ensure maximum browser compatibility and maintenance-free web frontends.

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Desktop Application Development

I offer desktop application services utilizing Python and Adobe AIR. Common application goals and tasks are to bring your site adminitration or in-house processes to a convenient desktop application that can stay persistent regardless of web sessions or browser usage.

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Full-site Development

I offer full-site development services that include both client-side and server-side development. Most new projects will benefit from completing both the server-side and client-side programming at the same time rather than in steps.

Full-site services include the same level of compatibility and security as the client-side and server-side development services. Services including the setup of hosting, email and a CMS with server-side elements like form processing and mail handling completed alongside the design and functionality of the client-side like form validation and cross-browser layout compatibility.

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