Based on research conducted at Active Website, the system was designed to handle continuous monitoring and reporting of search engine placement through a proprietary understanding of methods to bypass location-based and personalized search results. In addition to the core function of monitoring and reporting, several tools useful to the search engine optimization workflow were provided including, but not limited to, a JS packer, competition analysis and monitoring and proprietary keyword effectiveness index (KEI) reporting.

The system is currently under development and will be ready for beta launch in 2010.

Technologies and Disciples Exercised

  • Python 2.4 with MySQLdb, SciPy and BeautifulSoup
  • PHP 5.2, Actionscript 3 (using Flex 3) and MySQL 5 for admin interface and charts
  • Memcache for indexed value storage
  • Extensive Linux propagation and maintainence using Centos 5.2


In early development phase, core structure in question and redesign.

Time Investment

An obscene number of man hours, estimates can't be accurate.


No profit, projected to earn $18k/month at full capacity after cost.