Listing Doctor


Generation and hosting of graphical classified ads for use on Craigslist and similar services. The system was designed to use templates that have set image and text areas, load the template specs from the server into the Flash-based, client-side interface. The interface was intended to provide one-click image uploads with simple cropping/resizing functionality and text field input using pre-defined fonts loaded from the server. The completion of the input would return the data to the server where Python (using the Python Imaging Library) would assemble the elements into a hosted image and provide an HTML snippet, through the interface or an email, to embed the ad in any number of sites or services.

Due to lack of public interest in the service, the project was closed and the server-space was cleared for another project. Limited source code was archived.

Technologies and Disciples Exercised

  • Python 2.4 with Python Image Library and MySQLdb
  • PHP 5.2, Actionscript 3 (using Flex 3) and MySQL 5 for frontend
  • Built with FastCGI shared host to handle included scripting languages and reduce cost


Successful, project closed.

Time Investment

Roughly 150 man hours.


No profit, remained a free service until close.