The listed projects are side-projects, not projects I have been commissioned for by clients. Source code, if not present already, is available for projects that are either community-driven or considered closed and inactive. Source code for projects that generate income for myself or my team members will not be available until we deem the project closed.


This service is intended to work to utilize webcams as security cameras, detect motion and alert the subscriber when someone has entered the environment with a link to the images identifying the movement.

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Einfach Framework

As a continuation of the effort by Kevin Waterson, the Einfach Framework is intended to be capable of all the features of any PHP MVC framework, like CodeIgnitor or Symphony, but using a smaller memory footprint and a lighter codebase.

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In an attempt to catch an early spot in the HTML5 hosting market, this system is designed to take multiple video formats and convert into HTML5-friendly formats, provide a clean, ad-free player and syndicate video content to popular video hosting services like YouTube and Vimeo.

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Based on research conducted at Active Website, the system was designed to handle continuous monitoring and reporting of search engine placement through a proprietary understanding of methods to bypass location-based and personalized search results. In addition to the core function of monitoring and reporting, several tools useful to the search engine optimization workflow were provided including, but not limited to, a JS packer, competition analysis and monitoring and proprietary keyword effectiveness index (KEI) reporting.

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Amazon Server

Using Amazon's associates program, the system would use a single VPS to handle a few dozen domains, each intended for one branch of the Amazon browse categories. Using a light, centralized MVC design pattern, the system would be capable of deploying a new, category-driven domain within 30 - 45 minutes.

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Listing Doctor

Generation and hosting of graphical classified ads for use on Craigslist and similar services. The system was designed to use templates that have set image and text areas, load the template specs from the server into the Flash-based, client-side interface. The interface was intended to provide one-click image uploads with simple cropping/resizing functionality and text field input using pre-defined fonts loaded from the server. The completion of the input would return the data to the server where Python (using the Python Imaging Library) would assemble the elements into a hosted image and provide an HTML snippet, through the interface or an email, to embed the ad in any number of sites or services.

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