I have 10 year background in both hardware and software development, actively studying and experimenting with new languages, technology and practices to improve my professional capabilities. Below are the technical disciplines and languages I employ in my work and my proficiency in each.


7 years experience spanning HTML 4, XHTML, and HTML5, CSS2 and CSS3. HTML and CSS are the glue that holds everything on the web together. It is rare that a project hasn't included these languages.


7 years experience using standalone proceedural code and OO code with both jQuery and Prototype.


5 years experience using PHP 4 and 5 in dozens of projects for both clients and myself (this site included). Although PHP and MySQL are very different technologies, PHP development has become heavily dependent on the presence of MySQL and my experience and education in each has happened simultaneously.


3 years experience using Flex (now Flash Builder) writing AS3/Flash application for both desktop deployment via Adobe AIR and web deployment as integrated, in-site Flash applications.


2 years experience in both server-side and client-side application development. Commonly used to aid projects where other languages are insufficient to complete a requirement effectively.


5 years experience using the Linux shell for deployment of new server instances, setup and modification of services, server security and optimization of server processes.